Zelda Zonk

Zelda Zonk has escaped her primary identity. She has always refused to stick to a single self, contented to be chameleon- like. She wanted to be mobile, to hide and succumb to the joys of masks, disguise and role-play.

An exhibition of fictional artists.

With: Lucy & Dave Ching, Henry Codax, Bernadette Corporation, franckDavid, Ayako Kiyosawa, Jules Marquis, Otto Mennings, Paul Owens, Galeria Perdida, Mai-Thu Perret, Sean Ryback, Ray Sander, Shanaynay, Reena Spaulings, Abie Trevor, Dorothy Vallens, Serge Valène, Parker Williams, Donnelle Woolford. Curated by Timothée Chaillou. Préface, Paris.